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    Cigarette smoking are called cigarette smoking. According to the actual classification of vegetation, tobacco belongs towards the genus Solanaceae Nicotiana. Tobacco research report stated: Nicotiana can end up being divided into 3 sub-genuses: yellow blossom tobacco, safflower cigarettes and Bidong cigarettes. Nowadays, yellow blossom and safflower cigarettes are mainly developed. According to the actual variety characteristics as well as cultivation, modulation and amplification could be divided into flue-cured cigarettes, air-cured tobacco, as well as sun-cured tobacco. Flue-cured cigarettes, also known because fire-tube flue-cured cigarettes, originated from Virginia in the usa and is the primary raw material from the cigarette industry. The primary characteristics of flue-cured tobacco would be the tall plants and also the sparse and actually distribution of simply leaves. Cigarettes are split into dark-colored air-cured cigarettes and light-colored air-cured cigarettes. Burley tobacco, Annapolis tobacco and stogie tobacco are air-cured tobaccos, that are raw materials to make mixed cigarettes, lighters, shredded tobacco with regard to smoking, and nibbling tobacco. In the country, tobacco is actually divided into 2 types: sun-cured cigarettes and sun-cured cigarettes Newport 100S. Sun-cured tobacco

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