Welcome to the hidden section of N8Alben.

I m gay, I m out and I love guys with fat heads … but since Im tryin to get selfemployed since december 15, my sister explained me that my homocrap neither has to show up in my portfolio nor on my website, because some potential customers might get a weird coffee break after I rubbed them the word ANAL in their face. LOL

Ok. Even though the rest of the site is in german, I built this part of the domain in english.

Mostly because my facebook buddy asked me to do so.

I am working as an illustrator and I dont make money with the stuff u find on here. So if u plan to use or share them, please use the version with the “domain-signet” in it.

Who knows, maybe one day I m gonna find me a customer this way. I would love to do homo stuff for a living but right now this is all about getting better and havin fun. So enjoy – if u can and let me know why u dont. I m open for critics. 😀

Some watercoloured sketches from my studium …

What do you mean … Disssney sucks …

Since “Hug” got a new meaning, a lot of new insider jokes are waiting to get worked out. These are the first two …  😉

Just had two reduce the size of Mickey, a HUGE MOUSE snogging on the meat is kinda creepy if u ask me …

Anyone still remembers Doc Browns last words in “Back to the future”? 😉

Apparently my picture went “viral” which is nice. The bad part is, that they cut out my signature on it and I have no idea who these guys are but feedback is feedback I guess. 681 Likes, if only I had that in pancakes 😉

And before you ask: NO I am NOT in this BOYS Group, a friend send it to me …

Had to laugh real hard when I found this one today

2016 is the year of the monkey in China! And we should ALL CELEBRATE it with them!
The artwork isnt from me, I just build it to see how it comes along on a shirt.

What can I say … I would wear it 😀

Nothing worth having comes easy …



I had this experiment with a mole in my blog yesterday. Animation via slideshow.
So this is a version on the same idea, just without the mole, instead lets use a stripping Rugbyplayer 😉

Who wouldnt have helped him to undress, mh? 😉


Homo Bumblebees. The only one missing is the guy in the flower-costume, he just really didnt fit in the picture anymore 😉

… and your life will change for the better …

I got a lot of problems for this one. The guy in this picture found out, that I drawed him and asked me to remove the post and never ever use it again anywhere. I had no idea who he is, but it was a good lesson. Its probably the worst feedback I could have think of, so the only place where I can show it from now on is my secret hidden homo section.
Since then I stopped drawing people too exact.
The rugbyplayer btw was a cool head I found on growlr. He didnt have a beard but when I drawed him one, he started to look like 3 people that I have in my buddylist on facebook! That was a surprise ya! But hey its not my fault if sexy men bald and with a beard look the same every now and then 😉


In case noone noticed the joke in the portfolio, these are the other versions of the little Ewok Wicket & the “Woods” 😉

Halloween-Pumkins & Facebook buddies 2011

Gallery with a few scribbles that I did in my studium

Click the picture to see the rest. Beware! The jokes are in german. Sorry for that

Genau! Das Vergrauler-Shirt ist nur ein Gag 😉

und ganz sicher nicht zu kaufen

This joke works only in german. Vergrowler = Vergrauler is a guy who simply pisses you off. No the shirt is not available of course

Homo-Shirts for a german comedian called Atze Schröder

No idea if they got produced in the end …

Der “Bär” ist na klar nicht für Kerle gedacht gewesen 😉

Snowglider Extra Large

for whatever reasons WordPress refused to let me upload this picture unless I would start to pixel the privates!
They dont have an erotic filter on here do they!?

Question remains:

Can you look ridiculous with a big juicy penis?

No – you can´t! 😀